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Applications of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards in the Energy Storage Industry - Hectech's Contribution
Hectech plays a significant role in the energy storage industry, particularly in battery management systems (BMS) and energy storage devices. Our flexible printed circuit board (FPC) solutions provide crucial support for the safety, stability, and performance of energy storage systems.

Battery Monitoring Unit (BMU)

Our flexible printed circuit boards connect sensors in the battery modules, enabling real-time monitoring of battery status. These data are transmitted through flexible circuit boards to the central controller, assisting the BMS in precise battery management.

Battery Charge and Discharge Control

Hectech's flexible printed circuit boards connect controllers and switching components, enabling precise control of the battery charging and discharging processes. Our products reliably regulate charging rates, discharge limits, and protective functions, ensuring the safe operation and long lifespan of the battery.

Energy Storage System Connections

Our flexible circuit boards are utilized to connect different battery modules and the main controller in energy storage systems. This flexible design can adapt to various layouts and size requirements of energy storage systems, ensuring safe and reliable connections of battery modules.

Battery Protection Devices

Hectech's flexible printed circuit boards connect battery protection devices, which monitor the battery's status and implement protective measures. Our products transmit battery status information to the main controller, promptly detecting and addressing any abnormal conditions of the battery to ensure the safe operation of energy storage devices.
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