HighSpeed Flexible PCB for Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems
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HighSpeed Flexible PCB for Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems

Product Description

High-Speed Transmission: Advanced design and manufacturing processes ensure high-speed data transmission, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of driving assistance functions.

Flexible Design: Manufactured using flexible materials with excellent flexibility and tensile strength, the circuit board can adapt to the complex curved structures inside the vehicle, enabling flexible arrangement while reducing the overall vehicle weight.

Durability: Rigorous bend endurance testing and FCC peel strength testing ensure long-term stable performance and structural integrity of the product.

Stability: Endurance tests under high temperature, high humidity, and thermal shock ensure the stability and reliability of the product in various harsh environments, guaranteeing the normal operation of intelligent driving assistance systems.

Safety: Reliable welding techniques and materials ensure excellent safety and reliability of the product, providing drivers with a stable and safe driving experience.

Environmental Adaptability: Salt spray and cleanliness testing ensure that the product maintains good working condition in various environmental conditions, ensuring corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the product.

For our high-speed flexible circuit boards used in intelligent driving assistance systems, our company has conducted a series of rigorous reliability tests, including dimensional testing, bend endurance testing, FCC peel strength testing, salt spray testing, as well as high temperature, high humidity, and thermal shock testing. These tests cover various aspects of the product, ensuring stable and reliable operation under various conditions, providing drivers with safe and reliable driving assistance functions.

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