SingleLayer Flexible PCB for New Energy Vehicles
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SingleLayer Flexible PCB for New Energy Vehicles

Product Description

Ultra-thin Design: With a thickness of only 0.14 millimeters, the circuit board significantly reduces space occupation, enabling easy adaptation to the limited space within new energy vehicles. This achieves a more compact layout and effectively reduces the overall vehicle weight, enhancing energy utilization efficiency.

High Performance: Advanced manufacturing processes are employed to ensure the precision and reliability of the circuits.

High Temperature and High Humidity Resistance: The circuit boards can operate stably in high temperature and high humidity environments, resisting electrolyte corrosion and salt spray erosion, ensuring circuit stability and reliability.

Traceability Labeling: Each circuit board is equipped with a unique QR code, supporting product traceability and management. This facilitates monitoring during the production process and quality control, ensuring that product quality meets standards.

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