OSP Flexible Hybrid Flexible PCB for Energy Storage Solutions FlexRigid
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OSP Flexible Hybrid Flexible PCB for Energy Storage Solutions FlexRigid

Product Description

FlexRigid Technology: Utilizing a flexible-hard hybrid design, the circuit board achieves a balance between flexibility and rigidity. The flexible part can adapt to the complex curved structures inside energy storage devices, while the rigid part ensures the mechanical strength and stability of the circuit board.

High-Density Wiring: Through multi-layer design and a combination of rigid and flexible wiring methods, the circuit density is increased, enabling the circuit board to accommodate more electronic components and functional modules, thereby enhancing the performance of energy storage systems.

Reliability and Stability: High-quality materials and high-precision manufacturing processes ensure the reliability and stability of the circuit board. In critical areas such as battery management and charge-discharge control, we provide reliable solutions to ensure the normal operation of energy storage systems.

Customized Design: We offer customized design services to flexibly adjust the size, shape, and functionality of the circuit board according to customer requirements and application scenarios, meeting the diverse needs of different energy storage systems.

Integrated Solutions: In addition to circuit board design and manufacturing, we also provide one-stop services including circuit board assembly, testing, and quality control, offering comprehensive energy storage solutions to our customers.

Our FlexRigid circuit board energy storage solution employs advanced die cutting technology to ensure accuracy and consistency during the manufacturing process. Additionally, surface treatment techniques such as Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) are applied to provide a protective layer on the circuit board surface, enhancing its corrosion resistance and solderability. Covering films are used to protect the surface of the circuit board, increasing its mechanical strength and durability.

In terms of material selection, we use high-quality flexible and rigid materials to ensure that the circuit board has excellent flexibility and rigidity while meeting the stability and reliability requirements of energy storage systems. By comprehensively applying these advanced processes and technologies, our FlexRigid circuit board energy storage solution can provide reliable and efficient electronic support for energy storage systems, driving the development of the energy storage industry.

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