One Stop OEM Printed Circuit Board Rigid Flex Medical Flexible PCB
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One Stop OEM Printed Circuit Board Rigid Flex Medical Flexible PCB

Product Description

Etching and Stripping: During the manufacturing process, precise etching and stripping processes are employed to remove unwanted metal layers and coatings, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the circuit structure.

AOI Inspection: Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technology is introduced during production to inspect key processes such as printing, etching, and solder pads. This helps in promptly identifying and correcting potential defects and issues, ensuring product quality.

Punching: Through precise punching processes, necessary connection holes and fixing holes are created in the circuit board, ensuring secure and reliable connections with other components.

Pressing: Professional pressing techniques are employed during production to tightly bond the flexible circuit board with other components, such as battery management chips, ensuring reliable circuit connections and enhancing product durability and stability.

Curing: Through curing processes, the resin substrate and metal layers within the circuit board are firmly bonded together, enhancing the mechanical strength and durability of the circuit board and ensuring it is less prone to deformation or damage during use.

Testing: After production is complete, rigorous functional and performance testing is conducted, including electrical performance testing, temperature testing, etc., to ensure that the product meets design requirements and customer demands.

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