Flexible pcb Customize Design Manufacturer Flex PCB 1/2oz Copper Thickness FPC
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Flexible pcb Customize Design Manufacturer Flex PCB 1/2oz Copper Thickness FPC

Product Description

Our product is an innovative high-density flexible electronic device designed specifically for energy storage applications. Utilizing advanced techniques and materials, our circuit board features a precision double-sided 2-layer flexible structure, enabling efficient battery management. In our manufacturing process, we've opted for single-sided adhesive rolled copper foil as the substrate, with specifications of 1 mil/1 oz/20 um. The cover film is made of polyimide, with specifications of 25 um AD and 45 um PI. Additionally, nickel plating with a hardness range of HV140~171 is incorporated. Besides, auxiliary materials such as acrylic protective film, single-layer silicone protective film, and transparent PET thermoformed trays are also utilized.

In our production process, our product undergoes key processes including material preparation, pre-treatment, dry film lamination, exposure/development, etching/deburring, AOI inspection, punching, copper-via-lamination, pressing, curing, testing, OSP treatment, cutting, punching, final quality check, and final quality assurance. Notably, processes such as etching/deburring, AOI inspection, punching, pressing, curing, and testing have significant impacts on product quality and performance.

Our product is meticulously designed, employs advanced processes, and boasts high efficiency, density, and reliability. Through exquisite technology and stringent quality control, we ensure that each circuit board complies with RoHS and REACH SVHC standards, as well as customer-specific requirements. Our aim is to provide customers with one-stop customized services to meet their energy storage needs, thereby offering robust support for their product performance and reliability.

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