SMT Circuit Board Manufacturer Custom Electronic Assembly FPC PCB PCBA Flexible Pcb
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SMT Circuit Board Manufacturer Custom Electronic Assembly FPC PCB PCBA Flexible Pcb

Product Description

Substrate: Medical flexible circuit boards typically use polyimide (PI) material as the substrate. This material offers excellent high-temperature resistance, chemical stability, and mechanical strength, making it suitable for the special environments of medical devices. The substrate thickness is generally 0.1mm, meeting the requirements for thinness while ensuring sufficient flexibility.

Copper Foil: We select high-purity copper foil as the material for the conductive layer to ensure the circuit's conductivity and stability.

Gold Finger: Gold finger technology is commonly used in the connection part of flexible circuit boards. It achieves circuit connections through metal contact, enhancing connection reliability and durability.

Solder Mask: To protect the circuit from the influence of the external environment, we apply a solder mask layer on the surface of the circuit board to prevent moisture, oxidation, or contamination.

Ink Printing: Printing identification and character information on flexible circuit boards facilitate the identification and differentiation of different circuit connections and functional areas.

The selection of the above materials and auxiliary materials undergoes precise screening and testing to ensure that medical flexible circuit boards have excellent performance, reliability, and durability, meeting the strict requirements of medical devices for circuit connections.

Customized Design: We offer customized designs according to customer requirements, including single-layer or double-layer wiring designs, to meet the circuit connection and transmission needs of different medical devices.

Die Cutting Process: We employ precision die-cutting processes to ensure that the shape and size of the circuit board meet customer requirements, enabling efficient production and assembly.

Reliability Testing: We conduct rigorous reliability testing, including high-temperature resistance, humidity resistance, and shock resistance tests, to ensure that the product operates stably and reliably in various harsh environments.

Customized Services: We provide customized design and production services tailored to customer requirements and the special requirements of medical devices, meeting the application needs of different medical devices.

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