SMT PCBA Thick Copper Immersion Gold DoubleSided Flexible PCB
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SMT PCBA Thick Copper Immersion Gold DoubleSided Flexible PCB

Product Description

This product is a Thick Copper Immersion Gold Double-Sided FlexRigid PCB, combining both flexible and rigid characteristics, suitable for applications requiring high-density wiring and complex layouts.

It is a double-sided flex-rigid PCB with immersion gold surface treatment. The board thickness can be customized according to requirements, featuring thick copper foil and a flex-rigid structure with FR4 and flexible substrate materials combined. The trace width/spacing and hole sizes can be customized based on specific requirements. Surface treatment options include immersion gold, and solder mask colors can be selected from green, red, blue, black, white, yellow, etc.

Key features of this product include:

1. High-density wiring: With a double-layer design, it achieves higher circuit density, suitable for scenarios requiring complex wiring, offering flexible circuit layout solutions.

2. Flex-rigid combination: Combining the characteristics of both rigidity and flexibility, it possesses good mechanical strength and flex resistance, suitable for applications requiring bending or folding.

3. Reliability: Utilizing thick copper foil and immersion gold technology, it ensures excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing stable electrical performance and long-term reliability, suitable for applications demanding high circuit stability.

4. Customization: The product can be customized with parameters such as board thickness, trace width, spacing, and hole sizes according to specific requirements, providing personalized solutions for different application scenarios.

Applications include:

- Industrial Control: Suitable for industrial automation equipment, robotics control systems, etc.

- Medical Instruments: Can be used in medical imaging equipment, implantable medical devices, etc.

- Telecommunication Equipment: Applicable to communication base stations, network devices, etc.

- Aerospace: Suitable for flight control systems, satellite communication equipment, etc., in the aerospace field.

This Thick Copper Immersion Gold Double-Sided FlexRigid PCB offers reliable performance and has a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for high-quality electronic products.

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