UltraThin Flex Circuit Board FPC Yellow SolderMask 0.2mm for Battery Management
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UltraThin Flex Circuit Board FPC Yellow SolderMask 0.2mm for Battery Management

Product Description

Double-Sided Design: Adopting a double-sided design allows for higher circuit density within limited space, increasing the integration of the PCB and meeting the requirements of high-density energy storage solutions.

Flex PCB: Utilizing flexible substrates with excellent flexibility and tensile strength, capable of adapting to curved structures and complex layouts, enabling flexible arrangement and improving space utilization.

Gold Immersion Technique: This process involves submerging the copper surface in a gold solution to create a metallization layer, which diminishes contact resistance and improves the board's conductivity and resistance to corrosion, thereby securing consistent signal transmission.

Enhanced Energy Storage Density: Through refined layout designs and the implementation of double-sided routing techniques, we achieve a higher packing density for circuits. This allows for the integration of a greater number of electronic devices and components, resulting in increased capacity and superior performance for energy storage applications.

Robust Reliability: Our circuit boards are subject to exhaustive reliability assessments to confirm stable and dependable operation even in severe environments, such as those with extreme temperatures, pressures, and humidity levels, thus ensuring the energy storage system's safe functioning.

Tailored Design Solutions: We offer bespoke design services to fulfill specific customer needs, providing double-sided flexible PCBs in a variety of sizes, forms, and capabilities to cater to diverse energy storage requirements.

Stringent Quality Control: The double-sided flexible PCBs we produce for high-density energy storage systems feature cutting-edge gold immersion technology and adhere to the IATF 16949 quality standards. They undergo comprehensive testing, including dimensional analysis, solder pad adhesion strength, flexibility, electrical performance, temperature and humidity resistance, salt spray exposure, and various other durability and adhesion tests. This ensures that our PCBs perform reliably in high-density, high-reliability energy storage systems, offering robust support for energy storage needs.

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