OEM Flexible PCB FPC for Smart Vehiclemounted
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OEM Flexible PCB FPC for Smart Vehiclemounted

Product Description

Flexible Design: Choose flexible materials such as polyimide (PI) to ensure the flexibility of the circuit board, allowing it to adapt to the curved structures inside the vehicle for convenient installation and arrangement.

High-Density Circuit Layout: Implement miniaturized design and high-density circuit layout to integrate more data channels, enhancing data transmission efficiency and system performance.

Shielding Design: Consider adding shielding layers in the design to reduce electromagnetic interference and radiation, ensuring the stability and reliability of data transmission.

Durability Testing: Conduct bend endurance testing and peel strength testing to evaluate the durability and structural stability of the circuit board, ensuring it remains undamaged during vehicle operation.

Safety Design: Incorporate safety protection devices such as overload protection and short circuit protection to ensure the safety and stability of data transmission and prevent safety issues caused by abnormal situations.

Environmental Adaptability Testing: Perform environmental adaptability tests such as high-temperature and high-humidity testing, salt spray testing, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit board in various harsh environments.

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