Double sided HighResolution Flexible PCB for Smart Vehicle Display Screens
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Double sided HighResolution Flexible PCB for Smart Vehicle Display Screens

Product Description

High-Resolution Design: Utilizing advanced circuit design and manufacturing processes to achieve high-resolution display effects, providing clear and detailed image and text display to meet the quality requirements of automotive displays.


Flexible Substrate Selection: Choosing flexible substrates such as polyimide (PI) or polyamide film, which possess excellent flexibility and tensile strength, adapting to the vibrations and deformations in the automotive environment to ensure the reliability and stability of the PCB.


High-Density Layout Design: Implementing high-density layout design to minimize the size of the PCB, increase integration and space utilization, while meeting the display's demand for high pixel density.


Surface Treatment and Copper Plating Technology: Employing techniques such as Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) or hard gold plating to treat connection points and gold fingers, enhancing their conductivity, corrosion resistance, and reliability to ensure stable connections and signal transmission. Surface treatment can also utilize OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives) technology to enhance corrosion resistance and solderability, protecting the copper foil surface from oxidation and contamination.


Reinforcement Design: Designing reinforcement structures at critical points of the flexible PCB, such as adding reinforcement plates or films at connection points and bends, to improve the PCB's tensile strength and durability, preventing PCB breakage or damage.


Copper Plating Technology: Adopting copper plating technology to increase the thickness of copper foil layers, enhancing current-carrying capacity and conductivity, ensuring the stability and reliability of current transmission.


Thin Design: Designing ultra-thin PCBs to reduce thickness and weight, making them thinner and lighter to adapt to the compact space design of automotive displays, enhancing overall visual effects.


Anti-Interference Design: Reducing the impact of external interference on the PCB through optimized layout and shielding measures to ensure the stable operation of the display system.


High-Temperature and High-Humidity Resistance: Subjecting the PCB to high-temperature and high-humidity environment tests to ensure stable and reliable operation under various harsh conditions, adapting to the complex working environment inside vehicles.


Customization Services: Providing customized design and manufacturing services to tailor PCBs of different sizes, shapes, and functions according to customer requirements, meeting the needs of different vehicle models and application scenarios.

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