HighPerformance Mobile Long Flexible PCB for Battery Assembly
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HighPerformance Mobile Long Flexible PCB for Battery Assembly

Product Description

Our high-performance mobile long flexible circuit board battery assembly products utilize advanced process technology and precise manufacturing processes to ensure their reliability and excellent performance in mobile devices. Specific processes include:

Solder Mask Process: Employing solder mask technology to ensure the solder joints of the circuit board are sturdy and reliable, enhancing the durability and anti-interference capabilities of the circuit board.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT): Precisely mounting various surface components onto the circuit board through Surface Mount Technology (SMT), increasing the integration and performance stability of the circuit board.

Plasma Treatment: Utilizing plasma treatment technology to clean the surface of the circuit board, enhancing the adhesion and surface flatness of the metal layer, ensuring welding quality and circuit performance.

Surface Treatment: Special treatment of the circuit board surface to enhance its corrosion resistance and wear resistance, extending the service life of the circuit board.

Gold Plating Process: Adopting gold plating technology to increase the conductivity and oxidation resistance of the circuit board, improving its reliability and stability.

Through the comprehensive application of these process technologies, our products can deliver outstanding performance in mobile devices, with excellent durability and stability, meeting the high requirements and strict standards of our customers.

Additionally, our products feature the following characteristics and performance:

High-Density Design: Utilizing advanced wiring design and multi-layer structure to achieve high-densityintegration, enhancing the performance and functionality of the circuit board.

Flexibility: The design of flexible circuit boards allows them to adapt to different shapes and sizes of mobile devices, enhancing product flexibility and customization.

Environmental Friendliness and Reliability: Compliant with environmental standards such as RoHS and REACH, and certified through the IATF16949 quality management system, ensuring the environmental friendliness and reliability of the products.

Stability: Through rigorous quality control and testing, ensuring that the products work stably and reliably under various environmental conditions, providing long-lasting stable performance.

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