Precision Double Sided 2 Layer Flexible PCB for Battery
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Precision Double Sided 2 Layer Flexible PCB for Battery

Product Description

Our manufacturing process for precision double-sided 2-layer flexible circuit boards adheres to strict procedures to ensure the highest standards of product quality and performance:

Pre-treatment: Before the manufacturing process begins, the substrate's surface is treated to ensure good adhesion and cleanliness, preparing it for subsequent processing steps.

Graphic transfer: The designed circuit pattern is transferred onto the polyimide substrate coated with copper foil using photolithography techniques, forming the required circuit pattern.

Etching: Unwanted copper foil is removed using chemical etching methods, leaving behind the desired circuit structures such as conductors and pads.

Copper plating: The exposed copper foil surfaces undergo electroplating to enhance their conductivity and corrosion resistance, providing a good contact surface for subsequent soldering processes.

Lamination: The two layers of flexible substrate and the intermediate insulating layer of the double-sided circuit board are bonded together through lamination, forming a complete double-sided structure.

Curing: The laminated circuit board undergoes high-temperature curing to strengthen the bond between the substrate and the copper foil, ensuring the stability and reliability of the circuit board.

Testing: Rigorous functional and performance tests are conducted on the manufactured circuit boards, including electrical tests, withstand voltage tests, insulation tests, etc., to ensure that the products meet design requirements.

Final processing: The circuit boards that pass the testing phase undergo final processing, including cutting, punching, AOI inspection, corrosion protection, etc., to meet customer needs and standard requirements.

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