OEM Electronic Pcb China Manufacturer Flexible Pcb Power battery FPC in car
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OEM Electronic Pcb China Manufacturer Flexible Pcb Power battery FPC in car

Product Description

Hectech's Flexible PCB Power Battery FPCs combine several advanced processes to meet the high performance and reliability requirements of automotive power battery systems. The following is the introduction of the process combined with the characteristics of power battery FPC:

1. Material Selection: For the high temperature, vibration and chemical corrosion environments of power batteries, Hectech selects substrates and conductive materials that are resistant to high temperature, vibration and chemical corrosion. These materials have excellent electrical properties and mechanical strength to ensure that the FPC works stably in harsh environments.

2. Design Flexibility: Considering the limited space available for power batteries, Hectech's FPCs adopt a flexible design that can be customized according to the shape and layout of the battery. This helps to optimize space utilization, reduce weight and improve the overall performance of the battery pack.

3. High Density Interconnect: Power batteries require high current transfer and precise signal control, and Hectech's FPCs utilize high-density interconnect technology, which allows for smaller wire widths and a higher number of wiring layers. This helps improve current transfer efficiency and signal integrity, and reduces resistance and power consumption.

4. Vibration Resistance: Automotive power batteries are subject to vibration and shock during driving, Hectech's FPCs are designed with specially designed stacked structures and bonding materials to improve vibration resistance and ensure circuit stability and reliability in vibration environments.

5. Environmental resistance: Power batteries work in harsh environments and face challenges such as high temperatures, chemicals, and humidity, etc. Hectech's FPCs focus on environmental resistance in their design and material selection, and undergo rigorous testing and validation to ensure long-term stability in harsh environments.

6. Manufacturing process: Hectech uses advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, such as laser drilling, chemical plating, calendering, etc., to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of FPCs. We strictly follow the quality management system such as ISO/IATF 16949 to ensure the consistency and reliability of our products.

7. Quality Control: During the production process, Hectech carries out strict quality control, including material inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection. Advanced testing equipment such as AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) and XRF (X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer) ensure that the products meet high quality standards.

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