Professional Multilayer Flexible PCB for Power Batteries for Car
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Professional Multilayer Flexible PCB for Power Batteries for Car

Product Description

Material Selection: Choose materials with good thermal conductivity and high-temperature stability, such as polyimide (PI), to ensure the stability and safety of the circuit board in high-temperature environments.

Multilayer Structure Design: Adopt a multilayer structure design to improve the heat dissipation performance and efficiency of the circuit board, while increasing its current-carrying capacity and signal transmission channels.

Thermal Conductive Copper Foil Layer: Add thermal conductive copper foil layers inside the circuit board to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, effectively transferring heat to heat dissipation components or the enclosure, maintaining temperature stability in the power battery system.

High-Temperature Environment Testing: Conduct high-temperature environment testing to evaluate the stability and heat dissipation performance of the circuit board under high-temperature conditions, ensuring reliable heat dissipation in actual applications.

Durability Testing: Perform bend endurance testing and peel strength testing to assess the durability and structural stability of the circuit board, ensuring it remains undamaged during bending or vibration.

Environmental Adaptability Testing: Conduct environmental adaptability testing such as salt spray testing, high-temperature and high-humidity testing, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit board in various harsh environments.

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